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The Festival

Created in 2003, the festival evolves each year according to its possibilities and its know-how, without renouncing its founding principles and without compromising its artistic choices.

Born into a twentieth court building e arrondissement of Paris, this festival also invites the public to discover unusual places, found a ground anchor in Montreuil. After having taken over La Guillotine and the Studio Théâtre de Montreuil, it now takes place at La Parole Errante, a place managed by the team of Armand Gatti, a great contemporary poet and playwright. This meeting is a key moment for the festival which finally finds its space of lasting expression. Until then, being a traveling festival suited the project well, but it made the work difficult because it did not benefit from the aura of a specific place and had to mobilize the public each time in different spaces. We are happy to be able to make a lasting contribution to the history of a place in creation.

In June 2013, the eleventh edition of the TaParole festival will take place. Each year, for several days, the festival offers a poster of fifteen artists, at the rate of four or five shows per day. The program is developed and mobilizes our attention throughout the year with the shows seen, the artists encountered, the universes discovered. Our goal is to find little-known artists. Each year the festival demonstrates that a rich culture exists outside the paths marked by the media. It mixes both beginner and experienced artists with passion, generosity and sincerity as a common thread, qualities that on a stage cannot be overlooked. The objective is to forge links between artists who are often very different and to open up horizons to a public eager for discovery. It is therefore a question of mixing universes, provoking encounters and generating a collective dynamic. TaParole is a response to the boredom, formatting and lack of curiosity that characterize our time. However, the task is difficult precisely because we are where the public, the media and professionals do not go. We must therefore draw the public’s attention to artists ignored by the greatest number. In order to interest a wider audience than curious and aficionados, each year a well-known artist is invited, for the rest we focus on quality and the mix of genres. Indeed, although it is a song festival, different currents are represented: intimate; festive ; poetic; classic; humorous; rock… We use all our energy to bring the song and the creation to life. This festival is an invitation to come and share our finds, our treasures, our treasures. Every day, with determination, by combining energies and ideas, we defend those who, fragile or enraged, dare to take the stage to make their authentic, unique and irrevocable words heard.

If the TaParole festival has set its sights on song, this is of course no coincidence. With a protest tradition, the song is a great story of its time, it often translates it with vehemence and passion. Popular in essence, it speaks to everyone, who does not sing his own song? From the commune to the demonstrations, including the war of 14-18, our heritage and our conscience are filled with songs which evoke and mark the memory of their time, sometimes more deeply than historical dates. Sometimes mocked or out of date, it has never disappeared, very popular today it finds an increasingly large audience. This art is a good support for social reflection and conviviality, the TaParole festival stems directly from its spirit and its liveliness.