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Crazy Info About Music You Probably Did Not Know About

Crazy info about music you probably did not know about

I am sure that a lot of things about music are actually absurd, paradoxical, bizarre, and more.

Music writers will know about this. But, a lot of songs have actually made us smile, and others do never cease to amaze us while some others make us shake our heads. Some songs may actually make us cringe, while others give us a lot of peace.

There are so many ways that a song can affect us. In this article, I am going to be talking about some very crazy information about music.

Crazy info about music you probably did not know about

  1. A jackhammer actually creates a volume level of 120 dB. The heavy metal band actually developed some extra special amplifiers that can blow a very spectacular 139 dB into the audience years. The result actually gave an official Guinness world record.
  2. According to a French study, loud music actually simulates drinking. While a man needs an average of 15 minutes to drink a beer while listening to soft music, he usually needs only around 11 minutes to drink it with loud music playing. Basically, loud music is definitely something that would make you want to be a little crazier, and we all know that if you drink alcohol fast enough, you get a little drunk very quickly.
  3. The longest national anthem in the world actually comes from Greece, and it has more than 158 verses. To make it through the whole thing, it certainly demands serenity. It actually takes a really long time to recite the entire 158 verses.
  4. A lot of people have actually found that chronic pain, depression, and anxiety can be alleviated with the help of music. The body completely reacts to music in a spectacular way, and even the heartbeat adapts to the rhythm of the music. This is something that is really heartfelt indeed. It has such a profound and positive influence on our bodies.
  5. In the year 1989, the US military bombarded people with songs from ACDC.
  6. Music by Tina Turner is actually used at the Gloucestershire UK airport because it actually scares birds away from the runway. This reduces the risk of birds getting caught in the propellers of airplanes. The songs of the soul icon or actually blasted and completely deterred around the clock. A lot of people would be honored if their music was used this way.
  7. Did you know that termites actually love live rock music bars? According to a lot of research studies, they actually eat wood twice as fast when they were exposed to heavy metal music. The vibrations in the wood actually encourage them to enable much faster. I have no idea why a scientist would research this particularly, but we have the information anyway.

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